The *Honest* Guide to Indie Making

Kyleigh (@bagelsangranola)
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What people are saying:

"THIS IS AMAZING! I'm right on the validation stage and this is gonna help me so much!" -Shruthi

"Reading it again" - Hope

"It was one of the best books I read this year, and I mean it. Learned a lot from your experience and experiments with building products. It's very insightful and inspiring. I keep coming back to it every now and then." - Rutik

"I'm taking notes on almost every page. Highly recommend this and it's definitely worth an afternoon of your time" - Kevin

"I have read couple of chapters as of now, and I can definitely say that it’s the most interesting and well written book, it’s so relatable and I am hooked!" -Porush

"I bought your book yesterday and just wanted to let you know its really good. I'm currently on chapter 11 and was reading it until 2am last night."- Faraz

"Your book has cleared up so much for me, I’m so glad I’ve found it" - Kohl

"The most transparent and honest I've read" - Lawrence

"Just WOW. I wish I had written it! I'm still in the first half of the book, but my mind never stopped thinking at all the insights I've come thru. I love reading the journey of other makers, it makes me reflect on my steps and I can collect some new POVs along the way! This is really The Honest Guide to Indie Making. Thanks for sharing your story and struggles so openly!" - Mattia

"I just started reading your book and I just wanted to let you know it’s so amazing! It has so much practical advice. I’ve been reading other indie-maker books but I think this might be my favorite. I can’t wait to finish it." -Melinda

"Brutally honest...Something that is missing at the moment in the Indie Makers space where only success stories are told...I read the whole book in one go. Took a lot of notes. Great work Kyleigh!" - Katt

"I finished reading through your guide, and to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed it!! You've managed to capture all sorts of sage advice from thought leaders and weave it into your own story. I loved your learning about managing the beta process, moving in batches, and your approach to ad-spend! I had no idea that you could start with such affordable ad budgets and have been wondering (not actively looking) how to do this and you've provided an excellent starting point. I love the hot SEO tips as well, and you've basically demystified a lot of the SEO tools out there in a few pages. The guide is spot on" -Luke

"It's taught me how hard building a product is. So many things involved that I wasn't even aware of. I really feel for the main character in this story haha." - Lewis

"I finished reading it. It's great!" - Pablo

"Loving the beta version of the book so far!" - Ben

"I'm on the bit where you go through all the marketing channels you tried. SO INTERESTING." - Lewis

"As product developers, we need to be thinking more like this, earlier in our process. Kyleigh's book is worth buying just for the ideas she's laid out in her ["Evidence of a Great Idea"] framework." - Ryan

About the Guide

Last March I went full-time on my side project,

It's been almost 1 yr + I've learned a sh*t ton about what it takes to be a successful indie maker. After receiving some interest on Twitter, I decided to write a guide w/ everything I've learned about:

* Validating ideas

* Getting users

* Waitlists

* Pricing

* Building in public

* Getting feedback

* Building community

* Setting up analytics

* Marketing


* Growth loops

* Running a beta

* Being a solo maker

* Financials

* Productivity

I share screenshots of my data, tools, conversations w/ users, marketing materials. I touch on everything I did right and everything I did wrong.

I answer questions like:

* Should you go full-time on your side projects?

* How do I validate my idea before building?

* What questions should I be asking my users?

* How do I get good feedback on my product?

* How do I get signups with $0 marketing budget?

* Should I do a free trial or free tier?

Why listen to me?

* I got almost 1000 organic signups

* 30 paid customers

* Won the first $5k PH Maker Grant

* Achieved 90-day retention of 34.8%

* Sustaining $80MRR and made $1100+ total

* (and this was just my 1st side project.)

* I've also done Product Design and Product Management for early stage startups for 7+ years

This guide is everything I wish I knew when I started out on this year long journey of indie making full-time.

Learn the easy way what I learned the hard way. Make your learning curve smoother and avoid the pitfalls I did.

Tiered Pricing:

Price increases by $5 for every tier

Copies 1-30: $10 - SOLD OUT

Copies 31-60: $14 - SOLD OUT

Copies 61+: $19 -CURRENT PRICE

What You'll Get:

* Access to all 19 chapters, 48,000 words

* Notion version

* MOBI file for Kindle

* 100+ resources for further learning

* Templates, Tools, Tutorials and Build In Public ideas you can start using immediately


  • Happy to refund if the guide doesn't end up meeting your expectations. No problem, no questions asked 👍
  • Students or anyone unable to afford the guide can email me at and we can figure something out!
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The *Honest* Guide to Indie Making


(11 ratings)
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The *Honest* Guide to Indie Making

11 ratings
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